Video: Spring Landlocked Salmon & Trout in Maine

Young Sam Marjerison is a student filmmaker from Yarmouth, Maine, who has launched his own media site to highlight his outdoors adventures. His latest video focuses on a killer day of fly fishing for multiple species at what looks to be an old mill in the Pine Tree State. Three species of trout plus landlocked salmon makes for a Maine Grand Slam of sorts. And I just love the look on the angler’s face at 1:49, when a good salmon takes to the air. I look forward to seeing a lot more from this young man.

9 thoughts on “Video: Spring Landlocked Salmon & Trout in Maine”

  1. Wow what an honor! To give credit where credit is due, Liam Ireland is the angler in the film and this film could not have happened without his fishing talent. Thanks again for all of the support!

  2. Two good friends sharing their love of the outdoors and fly fishing with each other – couldn’t ask for anything better. And these two are just getting started. Liam and Sam follow your passions – it will take you to great places and inspires the rest of us to do the same.

    Well done.

  3. Excellent – Love it all!

    I work too hard – Need to take a page from these boys’ book!

    Keep fishing and filming!!

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed this video! The opening shot is awesome. I see real talent and loads of potential here, Sam and Liam. Go for it!

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