Classic Video: A Steelhead Quest

Here’s a beautiful film from Let Media, which includes cinematography by Becca Skinner. A Steelhead Quest: Portrait of a Rivered Life follows Terry Skinner, a steelhead advocate and long-time angler, as she tries to complete her quest to catch a wild steelhead on a different river each month of the year in 2015. It’s fascinating to watch as she tries to unlock the mysteries of catching wild steelhead through the changing seasons. We see the challenges that Terry and her husband, Jerry, face with depleting runs, while still enjoying every aspect of being on the river together—rain or shine, fish or no fish.

3 thoughts on “Classic Video: A Steelhead Quest”

  1. Absolutely loved! The whole video was perfect and even though I’m jealous it was nice to vicariously live through such a remarkable and beautiful quest.
    Sincerely, thank you!

  2. What an awesome video. As a 64 year old fly fisher, it gave me the realization that I can do this as long as I live! Thanks also to REI for supporting this. The delight of these two is infectious.

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