Video: The Spiritual Journey of a Fly Fisherman

Check out this 10-minute video from Chris Sheridan called “Stonefly,” which traces the fly-fishing path of North Carolina angler Justin Adam Powell. Accompanied by beautiful cinematography, Powell explains how he came to fly fishing, what the sport means to him, and how it helps him to center his life. I’m sure a lot of this will resonate with many of you, and the scenes of fly fishing in Pisgah National Forest are mesmerizing.

10 thoughts on “Video: The Spiritual Journey of a Fly Fisherman”

  1. Great video, very hard to explain to others. Well done. I know it has fly fishing has changed my life, hence my move to Montana.

  2. Catching has little, if anything, to do with Fishing. It has taken me many years to understand that concept, but I now do. Catching is fun, entertaining and exciting. Fishing goes to my soul.

  3. Very well done. It is engaging and beautiful. A story I will never forget and one I will always relate to.

  4. I actually met this guy on the Davidson one day early in my fly fishing days. He took the time to show me how to set up a Czech nymph system, end result I finally caught a fish by the hatchery. Thanks buddy – very very nice video.

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