Video: Streamer Madness in Alberta and Montana

Here’s a cool video from Dave Brown Outfitters that celebrates chucking meat for big trout. Fishing streamers from a drift boat is one of my favorite pastimes in spring and fall.

One thought on “Video: Streamer Madness in Alberta and Montana”

  1. Big problem with fishing streamers out of a driftboat, and that boat is just like mine, a Clacka. You have to have two very good anglers as fishing partners. One, the guy casting has to be good at casting dangerous streamers. (good line control), and the other guy has to be good on the oars…..a hard combo to find, so you can switch off. I was a guide for years, and when I see two anglers in perfect harmony in the boat rowing/throwing streamers it is usually two guides that have the day off, and are on the river fishing together. Tried it once rowing a guy, and they stuck a big streamer in my Adams Apple….the end of our streamer fishing.

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