Classic Video: Streamers, Inc.

One of the big hits from the 2015 Down the Hatch Film Festival—held at Missoula’s historic Wilma Theater—was this hilarious video from Scumliner Media. It focuses on the social scourge of illicit streamer sales on the banks of the Missouri River and its effects on the criminals and the users alike. Something must be done!

This was the second year in a row that the Headhunters Fly Shop gang has nailed the humor category, one of the toughest genres to pull off.

4 thoughts on “Classic Video: Streamers, Inc.

  1. Epic Flick!!!! I’m a self proclaimed streamer junkie myself. I love the 7 wt character. I wounder if he roams the Rock Creek stream area? I’ll be looking for him when I head up there in July. I just wounder if he’ll sell to a 6 wt?

    The flick should be nominated for an academy award. The only problem is, if it wins, who’s going to receive the award?

    Bayou Bro…………….

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