Video: Strippin’ Mad Browns

Although we get plenty of photos from the region, I sometimes feel like the Midwest gets short shrift in the video world, so I am always excited when I run across something good. This video, from Tight Lines Entertainment, documents a float trip on Central Ohio’s Mad River, during which the anglers throw bucktails and articulated streamers for big, hungry browns.

9 thoughts on “Video: Strippin’ Mad Browns”

  1. People, That just fine keeps the locals being able to fish without the places having too much pressure from people from all over just a positive thought on the matter

    1. Relax guys. Doesn’t take much research to find out what water they are on. There are basically 2 trout rivers in Ohio so there is a 50/50 shot of guessing right.

      1. Yea, if anyone in Ohio wants to fly fish for trout they already know of the ***three*** rivers that hold fish. Well done video, those are some nice fish on one of my favorite rivers in Ohio!

        1. Yep agreed. Nice to see some cred given to OH still. Aside from trout though I think the smallmouth game is pretty strong. Definitely some hidden gems if you put the work in to find them.

  2. Love the Mad; but if priorities are in place for me it’s Steelheading on the Ohio rivers in Steelhead Alley when I’m after “trout” in an Ohio stream.

  3. Still great that we have fly fishing enthusiasts getting out and taking on browns on streamers. Nice to know that the rivers out there are running with healthy fishes. The opportunity for promotional videos for building a population of anglers give others that healthy prospect to enjoy the abundance that nature provides.

  4. The fact that there are only 2 trout streams (both are really short) is probably a good enough reason not to hotspot them. Exploiting a public resource for personal gain, blog traffic etc is nothing new but its not smart, its pooping where you eat.

  5. Exploiting a river that’s not catch and release for popularity is foolish and irresponsible! The Red Yeti wants to be so popular he would hotspot and poop in his own backyard for likes if he could!

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