Video: Sunsets & Cocktails Episode 1, from Jazz & Fly Fishing

Håvard Stubø, of Jazz & Fly Fishing, has pretty much mastered the self-shot video, and his newest production features some cool drone footage, as well. In this first video from a news series, Håvard travels to a glorious valley north of the Arctic Circle to catch the hatch of the revered Vulgata mayflies. How will he do? His approach to fly fishing is such a great mixture of seriousness and breeziness that his videos have a vibe all their own.

One thought on “Video: Sunsets & Cocktails Episode 1, from Jazz & Fly Fishing”

  1. That was realt great! Love the scenery, the videography/editing, the solitary fish, and of course, the jazz! Please keep these coming!

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