Video: Tenkarpa! or The Day Everything Changed

Every once in a while, an angler has Eureka! moment that propels the sport forward by leaps and bounds in an instant. This hilarious video from Scumliner Media, shot on Michigan’s famed Beaver Island, actually captures on film the day that the fly-fishing landscape changed. . .perhaps forever. Make sure you stay for the credits.

9 thoughts on “Video: Tenkarpa! or The Day Everything Changed”

  1. I loved watching this video. It was done so well. Thanks for sharing! The credits were pretty funny too.

  2. For the record, it looks like you guys got your hands on some knock off tenkara rods, not Tenkara USA, as indicated by the case of the rods shown in the video. Not saying ours would withstand those beasts, but thought I’d comment

    1. wow, good eye daniel, i did not even notice the rodcase till i put the video up on my tv. funny thing, too, i didn’t notice any of the rod fails the first time i watched the vid. i just saw a greenish rod and made the assumption that the yamame was landing all those fish no problem. maybe it is time to upgrade my monitor… =]

    2. You know what Daniel? Who cares? He’s getting the Tenkara word out there and that’s all that matters to you isn’t it? As long as the sport is promoted, most people will buy your brand, because more expensive means more better, right? You’ll keep making money, and that’s all that matters after all.

  3. That was some funny stuff! Kudo’s for the creativity shown and the Guy Ritchie feel to the video/soundwork, glad that you omitted the Madonna music though! Part 2 should have a stand up paddle board with guys skating dry flies on 14 foot two handers and for bluegills.

  4. Great fun. The opening scene although very funny, could have been shot at my home. I seriously walk sideway through the door. Fish pond Yellow stone bag, fish pong rod bag with 5 or 6 rod 9 fters 10 fters., 14 lbs of reels, accu-jack, autosuck the whole yards. I still leave the house this way, but now I get a few unimpeded trips with my Amago. I love it.

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