Video: The 5wt Chronicles: Into The Backcountry (S1:E1)

Here’s the first episode of the killer new series from Estrada Art Films. Eric and the guys search throughout Florida for untouched backwater estuaries and areas that have been or are scheduled to be affected by coastal development. Through some serious bushwhacking and hard work, they find juvenile tarpon, snook, redfish, black drum, and even peacock bass. The video also offers a look into the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust‘s Juvenile Tarpon / Snook Habitat Project. One of the goals of the project is to show how coastal development can be detrimental to our fisheries, as it can affect many of our juvenile nursery habitats. But with the proper research and action, we can regain and maintain a healthy fishery and environment in these very important areas.

4 thoughts on “Video: The 5wt Chronicles: Into The Backcountry (S1:E1)”

  1. This shows that you don’t need a heavy weight fly rod (6 to 9 wt) to catch some salt water game fish. These people were only using 5wt rods.

  2. Is it really a good thing to be catching those species on a 5wt? Is a longer fight good for that fish? Does the fish deserve more respect than to be pulled on by a fairy wand? Seems like a better idea would be to check the hero at the door and fish appropriate tackle.

    1. I understand your concern, but we are using high end reels that we allow the drag to do the work that a bigger rod would do. None of the fish caught had a long wore out fight. They all swam off strong, this series is more about challenging ourselves throwing a 5wt rod in some tough conditions. It makes us a better fly caster, rather than simply relying on a rod to muscle a cast. I assure you, no fish was harmed in the making of this web series.

      Best Regards,

      1. Thanks for responding Eric. I too wondered if fishing a 5wt for these species had the opposite effect of the conservation vibes this video was working to elicit. Glad to know you’re playing them hard, not wearing them out.

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