Video: The Basics of Trout Identification

Regular blog readers know we’ve been enjoying the series of videos by Ben Sittig, a guide from Colorado, who goes by the moniker Huge Fly Fisherman. Normally, his videos are funny, snarky, and offer some solid information on the side. But this one puts the important information front and center, with the snark judiciously sprinkled throughout.

Spend any time on social media, and you’ll see that not every angler identifies his or her catch correctly. Here, Sitting–who has a degree in fisheries biology–offers the basics of trout ID, and even works in some actual taxonomy. While his opinions about various trout are his alone, the science part is spot-on.

So, if you’re new to fishing or if you need a refresher course on trout identification, this is the perfect video for you. And if you’re super-proud of your palomino trout, don’t let Ben’s opinion get to you. Finally, the fish artist with the unpronounceable name is Joe Tomelleri (Tom-uh-lare-ee).

5 thoughts on “Video: The Basics of Trout Identification”

  1. Great video! Best one yet from Huge Fly Fisherman. Nice acknowledgment of Dr. Robert Behnke. Keep ’em coming.

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