Video: The Dirty South

Here’s a cool short film from Florida-based Livit Films, about a day chasing peacock bass on the suburban ponds and canals of the Sunshine State. When the weather isn’t optimal for chasing saltwater species, it’s time to go bank hopping for these aggressive fish. It’s cool to watch them pursue and hammer the fly in clear water.

3 thoughts on “Video: The Dirty South”

    1. I live in Miami and have been wanting to catch peacocks on the fly. Could you connect me with the guy in the video please? Thanks!

  1. The release of peacock bass is prohibited in Louisiana. There have been reports by word of mouth that a location near New Orleans has a few, The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries discounts these apparently
    Any non-native fish or plant is not permitted in Louisiana Waters. Just so you know.

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