Video: The Field Coffee Diary, Episodes I and II

Our old Scandinavian pal, Rolf Nylinder, has been focused on long-form fly-fishing films lately, and here are the first two episodes in his new series, “The Field Coffee Diary,” set in northern Sweden. The first episode (above) follows Erik, Mattias, Acapulco and the half-god, Patrik Daugaard, on a fishing trip to a valley carved by the legendary mountain creek known as Fiskonbäcken. You’ll recognize Rolf’s signature dry sense of humor, as well as his “dry or die” philosophy on display. “Oi-yoi-yoi!” indeed.

Episode II focuses on a magical summer day, “when fly fishing is as easy as it’s supposed to be.” With lots of shots of surface-feeding browns, great casts, and friendly banter, it seems like a wonderful day, indeed. And then the video takes us back in time. . .first to to Sri Lanka and then a few early-spring experiences back in northern Sweden.

The combination of great cinematography, killer music, and Rolf’s unique narration make these videos a blast to watch.

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