Video: The First Episode of “Tying with Tom”

After a few technical difficulties, today’s premier of “Tying with Tom” was a big success, as Tom walked the audience through the basic tools every fly tier needs and then tied a Zebra Midge. We will be doing more of these next week, so keep an eye on here, as well as on the Orvis Fly Fishing Facebook and Instagram pages.

Here’s the recipe, if you want to tie along:

Zebra Midge
Hook:  Any short-shank curved hook (such as Tactical Wide GapTactical Czech Nymph; or Scud, Shrimp and San Juan Worm hook), sizes 14 through 22
Bead:  Silver, either tungsten or brass.
Thread and body: Black, 8/0.
Rib: Silver Ultra Wire.
Note: You can use any color thread–I tie them in red, brown, purple, and green–and use any color bead you want.  The rib can be any color Ultra Wire. The bead can also be a glass bead instead of a metal one. And you can tie bigger ones on a jig hook.

4 thoughts on “Video: The First Episode of “Tying with Tom””

  1. Tom, see if your iPhone is on lock, perhaps that’s why it won’t go to landscape. Also if you set the exposure by tapping the screen in the area you want to display and then hold your finger on that square you can lock the focus. I think you did that since I didn’t see you go in and out of focus as you moved the camera around. I enjoyed your presentation.

  2. Tom, you continue to be a top ambassador for fly fishing and the environment. Our fishing careers have overlapped ever since I bought your first book many years ago and I continue to lend it out to novice fly fishers in our TU chapter. Thanks so much for starting this video series, I am sure it will benefit even old guys like me!

  3. Enjoyed time with you as always, am a loyal podcast listener. Learned from you as always, the whip finish section was a bonus. Keep em coming, please! Thank you, Tom. —Joe

  4. Thank you, Mr. Tom, for opening your home and making us feel its warmth.
    The best teaching, in my opinion, is just as you have shown it, with absolute spontaneity !!!!!
    Thank you

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