Classic Video: The Fishiest Little Crick On Earth

Dry Run Creek is a stream in Arkansas that is open only to children under 16 and qualified handicapped anglers. That leaves the rest of us to just watch and drool. Yet another example of George Bernard Shaw’s brilliant observation: “Youth is wasted on the young.”

We jest, of course. Dry Run Creek is a great resource for getting kids hooked on fly fishing and for allowing handicapped anglers access to some super-productive water.

4 thoughts on “Classic Video: The Fishiest Little Crick On Earth”

  1. Great stream. I’ve fished it and loved it but now I’ve graduated to the White which isn’t too bad either! If you want to get a kid into fly fishing this is the place.

  2. It really is an amazing place. You can walk up and down and view monster after monster after monster fish, seemingly unfazed by your presence.

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