Video: “The Girl & the Marble,” Lotte Aulom in Slovenia

We’ve posted several videos from Lotte Aulom—a.k.a. the Reelgirl—and this one lives up to the high standards she’s already set, with gorgeous cinematography, great scenery, and beautiful fish shots. In this episode, Lotte spends Easter weekend traveling from her native Norway to the mountains of Slovenia. Her goal/ To catch a marble trout on a dry fly.

I will be blogging on Orvis News from Slovenia during the first week of June, so videos like this are getting me pretty psyched for the trip.

6 thoughts on “Video: “The Girl & the Marble,” Lotte Aulom in Slovenia”

  1. The Soca River just has spectacular water!! And she got a really nice Marble Trout. Made me want to pack and go!

  2. I was stationed at Aviano Air Base in Northern Italy the last three years and had the Soca Valley only a 2 1/2 hour drive away. Fishing in Slovenia is by far my favorite place in the world to fish with the Idrijca river being my favorite. I recommend fishing the upper part that is managed by Fishing Club Idrijca. There seems to be more trophy sized Marbles in that area. If you get the Tolmin Fishing Club License it allows you to fish more river and tributaries and is a better value but there seems to be a higher concentration of Rainbows. Bring heavy rods and swing big heavy jig streamers. A typical jig streamer for Marbles are about 7cm long and weigh between 3-10g. That is not the only way to catch the big Marbles but seems to be the most productive method. Casting them is more of a controlled lob than any other fly casting but is easy to get the hang of quick. I’m completely Jealous of you going to SLO as I’m stuck in S. Korea till November. I will be back in SLO fishing again in the future for sure! Tight Lines – TSgt Josh Hulbert, USAF

    1. Thanks for your service, Josh! Glad you’re able to get in some fishing when you’re stationed in these far-off places.

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