Video: The In-Between from World Angling Studios

The new film from World Angling Studios—a collaboration between Will Benson and David Mangum—is now available to watch on vimeo on demand. Here’s the description:

Shallow Water Expeditions, led by Dave Mangum, and WorldANGLING, led by Will Benson, hatched a plan over too many beers in a parking lot one night to get down to the real reason we fish. As it turns out, the reason was in their hands the entire time! The Fly Fishing Film Tour 2014 official selection video, The In-Between, captures what the essence of Saltwater fly fishing is all about. Join World Angling and Shallow water Expeditions on the water to see why professional fishing guides, turned filmmakers, and their band of merry permit hounds, do what they do. It’s partly because of the insanity of permit fishing, partly about letting go, and all about having fun.

Seems like $5 well spent to me. (WARNING: Some NSFW language in the trailer above.)

Click here for the full story.

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