Video: The Jewels of Little Mountain, Wyoming

I have rarely seen a five-minute video packed with so many themes important to fly fishers: conservation, trout habitat, public fly-fishing opportunities, family, youth involvement, women in the sport, and so on. It’s really powerful stuff that kind of sneaks up on you. Narrated by 17-year-old Haley Powell—a young woman with remarkable poise and dedication to the landscape of her home in Wyoming—the video focuses on efforts to protect the sensitive trout habitat of Little Mountain.

Click here to visit the TU Little Mountain Project page.

Click here to visit the Greater Little Mountain Coalition page.

One thought on “Video: The Jewels of Little Mountain, Wyoming”

  1. It’s a shame more people don’t feel like the young lady does about their habitat. I guess “developement” is necessary, but there is too much greed (and disregard of nature and environment).

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