Video: The Keys to Boat-Ramp Etiquette

In this typically fun how-to video from Ben Sittig, a.k.a Huge Fly Fisherman, he continues to establish his role as the Emily Post of the angling world. Previously, he covered on-stream etiquette, and here he tackles proper boat-ramp behavior. Once again, the Golden Rule is at play, but he’s got some specific tips to help you ensure that the other folks at the ramp aren’t grumbling about your behavior.

3 thoughts on “Video: The Keys to Boat-Ramp Etiquette”

    1. Turns out that neither Ben, who made the video, nor I even noticed the truck windshield until someone on FB pointed it out. Didn’t want anyone to think it was intended, so I swapped the image.

  1. I’m intimately familiar with put-in etiquette. Thanks for reinforcing. I want to know about taking out. I particularly would like to see the new method of take out of a raft with a winch. The line is attached to the rowing frame as opposed to attaching to a D-ring on the bow. Thanks.

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