Video: Seeing “The Light” with Steelhead

The Light – “Tailout” Teaser from scumliner media on Vimeo.

Back in July, we posted the initial teaser for an upcoming steelhead film called “Tailout,” by director John Arnold of Scumliner Media. Here’s a second look, a short video called “The Light,” in which angler JP Basile talks about discovering swinging for steelhead and how it has made him put away his indicator rod:

JP and I spent a great week fishing low and clear water for fresh summer-run fish. One of JP’s first experiences fishing the swing with a two-handed (Spey) rod in an area where nymph rigs predominate. It’s always great to fish with a super enthusiastic and aggressive angler.

These short teasers always leave me wanting more, which is, I think, the point.

The Light

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