Video: The Little (Big) Things in Life

It seems like Amelia Jensen is having a pretty good time in New Zealand so far. She and her husband, Dave  torture me every year with wonderful photos, videos, and stories from their annual adventures in Kiwiland, where they go to escape the Alberta winter. Just last Friday, we featured a video of A.J. stalking and landing a fine brown, and here’s another example of her angling prowess. This big trout is working in shallow water, so she has to employ stealth techniques and careful casting. The rewards are remarkable, as Dave notes when he says, “It’s bigger than you think.” Indeed, it is.

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  1. Quick question. Hoping to plan a trip to New Zealand. I’ve seen these last two videos of the Jensens fishing and wondered if they are fishing private waters or public waters. Where I live I the eastern US the only way to catch fish like these is to pay big for pellet feed fish. Not really my cup of tea. Would love to catch wild fish the size of these in the video. Public land would make it that much better

  2. There is very little private water in NZ – but there is some water where access is restricted by the land-owner. But, most rivers, streams and lakes are available to all licence-holders. For a complete rundown, with maps etc., accommodation, etc. go to -a mine of information.

  3. The two waters in our videos are very public. the best practise is to stop in at the farm house nearest the bridge and ask if you can have a fish through the property. While the Queen’s Chain gives access on most waters past the high water mark, it’s always good to stop in, ask, and have an honest chat. You’ll be amazed how much the land owners know. The fish in the above video, for example, was from a creek the land owner said has fish only every several years but ‘have a go anyway’. Glad we did! A big reason we go is to avoid Alberta winters, because it’s mostly public access, and a safe & friendly country with many trout waters. Happy planning.

  4. Tony, Dave, thanks for the info. Tony the website is great!! Already ordered and received the free trip planning guide.

  5. Hi, amazing video…one question, what kind of nymph indicator you have used?…it is any specific material?
    Thank you very much and congratulations for the video.

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