Video: The Little Red River

Here’s a beautiful video shot on Arkansas’s Little Red River and featuring Jamie Rouse and Matt Milner of Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing Adventures, 2012 Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide Service of the Year. There are no huge fish or heart-thumping action scenes here, as the production lives up to the “chill” in the name of the clothier behind the video, Fayettechill. As the description notes: “A day on the river is not just about catching fish. It’s about the experience, the memories that are made, and lessons that the river teaches you.”

6 thoughts on “Video: The Little Red River

  1. What??!! Bank banging with streamers? No casting, delicately of course, well-crafted, of course, the home cooking of a sowbug pattern? What’s this world coming to?

    The home waters of my heart! Well done. Thanks for reminding me how much I miss Arkansas.


  2. What kind of boat is that, looks like a drift/jet combo? Can anyone please point me in the direction of where these kind of boats come from? Cheers.

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