Video: The Los Angeles River Runs Through It

L.A. River Fishing from Meghan Mccarty on Vimeo.

Editor’s note: My co-worker Kathleen, a recent transplant from Los Angeles, made a crack about the L.A. River the other day. When I told her that people fly fish in that renowned body of water, she was incredulous, so I showed her this video, which I posted on this blog back in 2010. She was astonished, and it reminded me how cool this video is.

Anglers are drawn to rivers, no matter where they are. The passion of a few dedicated fly fishermen is drawing attention to the fact that the Los Angeles River, which most people see as nothing more than an urban ditch, is in fact a living river. Get the full story on the documentary in the LA Times.

Of course, most people of a certain age know the L.A. River in a different context:

Shawn LA Carp

Coincidentally, Orvis product developer Shawn Combs caught this L.A. River carp yesterday.

photo by Shawn Combs

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