Video: The Men of Today Go Fly Fishing at Sandanona

Working up to Father’s Day, the folks at NBC’s Today show have been featuring different kinds of “dad” stories. This morning, they aired a segment in which Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Willie Geist, and Carson Daly head up to Orvis Sandanona to try their hands at fly fishing. As is usually the case with these kinds of productions, the fly-fishing doesn’t involve too much action—it’s tough to catch a fish when the camera crew is standing in the water in front of you—but it’s great to see the sport get this kind of general coverage.

There is one glaring error here, though, and I’ve got a packet of stickers for the first person to identify it in the comments below.

Hey look: it’s Al Roker!

35 thoughts on “Video: The Men of Today Go Fly Fishing at Sandanona”

  1. Brown trout “caught”- identified as a Rainbow from Montana… I say “caught” lightly because I highly doubt they truly landed even that pretty, small brown.

  2. They were talking and shouting the entire time, a great way to scare all the fish in small stream fishing

    1. David –
      You must have had a brother like mine. I wasn’t allowed to TALK while fishing when I was a kid. But they can’t hear you talking. Or shouting. Or firing a shotgun. They can hear you walk. And fall. And skid your feet across the bottom… So, have fun and sing as loud as you can while you fish! 😉

  3. Photo is not only a brown trout rather than a rainbow, but the jacket cuff in the picture is yellow… No one in the video is wearing a yellow jacket. Thanks Google!

  4. Matt Laurer and Willie was not wearing sunglasses while he and other people were casting. Leaving his eyes unprotected from an errant cast.

  5. Clearly the error is that they were set up for right handed retrieve, and as everyone knows, the correct setup is left hand retrieve. Ammiright fellas?

  6. I think the point of this Video is the value of a Dad taking his kid fishing. While these guys might not be fishing experts, they have fond memories of times spent with their fathers, and certainly appear to be paying it forward as fathers themselves. As such maybe we should just forgive the mistakes and errant technique gaffs and just enjoy the fact the backdrop was a nice stream.

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