Video: The Obsession with Big Brown Trout

Here’s a great trailer for an upcoming video from Mountain Made Media, featuring anglers who chase big brown trout in Oregon. Aside from the gorgeous fish, there are some very compelling shots of cruising fish, epic refusals, and down-and-dirty battles.

11 thoughts on “Video: The Obsession with Big Brown Trout”

    1. Paul,

      Is there anyway to find out the names of the guys in the Obsession Fly Fishing video in Oregon. Loved the video and would like to know if they are guides that we could hire for a trip.

      Please let me know either way.

      Thank you,

  1. i dont know why they have to hold up their fish // if you are catch and release then why put them in stress money is the ans. anit it the truth lynn jones

  2. I think sometimes it’s easy to forgot that we are participating in a sport where you hook fish in the face with a fly and reel them into the bank… He wets his hand before every fish and holds them out of the water for a few seconds tops. Very well done and tasteful, anyone who thinks those fish died are morons.

      1. All I’m saying is it’s kinda ridiculous to go jumping to conclusions over some random dudes thought on what is harmful to trout. There is literally no way to prove that pulling a fish out of the water is more harmful than the fight itself with any kind of hard data… It is clearly all speculation, based on nothing more than a drawing of a fish’s anatomy.. I understand that squeezing a fish’s vitals is obviously not a good thing, as should anyone without reading a BS article… but resting them on wet hands for a few seconds? Really??? Only reason I even said anything is that I found it pretty ridiculous that this many people decided to chime in as if the guy is hoisting them by the gills and throwing them on the bank… Christ…

  3. Dear Mike,

    Really. This what you got out if this amazing trailor? That the fish may or may not be harmed because they are being held out of the water for a short period. Again. Really?
    Sounds like jealousy to me.
    Do you have any idea how much time, energy, and skill it takes to capture what these guys did on film?
    Of course you don’t. Go take your angry and stupidity to a different blog and leave this comment section for people who actually enjoy fishing and love watching it come to life on Film.
    (P.s. It’s easy to whine about people taking huge fish out of the water for a quick photo when you’ve never had the opportunity to land a photo worthy fish!!)

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