Video: The Orvis “Trout Unlimited Life Member” Rod

Each year, Trout Unlimited offers those who sign up for a Lifetime membership a serious incentive, and this year, it’s a custom Helios 2 4-weight rod matched with a CFO II reel. This is not an off-the-shelf rod. Last summer, Trout Unlimited staff visited the Orvis Rod Design and Manufacturing facility in Vermont to create a unique, unrivaled, and one-of-a-kind fly rod…the ultimate dry fly rod. This rod features a midnight-blue blank with a custom TU green wrap above the hook keeper, and proudly states “Trout Unlimited Life Member.”

Click here to learn more about a TU Life Membership.

4 thoughts on “Video: The Orvis “Trout Unlimited Life Member” Rod”

  1. Great looking rod/reel combo!

    Does anyone know what the prices for the Life Membership generally are? $2,000 is a large chunk of dough and didn’t know if it fluctuates year-to-year. Although I highly doubt it would ever go down significantly, just curious based on people’s experience knowledge.

  2. This year its a little over $2000. They will allow you to pay in installments–I think 4 installments. I have not done it given the cost, but I have noticed the price has gone up over the last few years. However, the helios/cfo rod and reel combo is also a nicer gift than they have given in the past. That combo would likely retail for around $1000 alone.

  3. Does this come with the lifetime membership in Canada as well? The Canadian site still lists the Winston or TFO rods.



  4. When I just looked I saw Sage Accel was the gift this year ($1500) that was from the link on this page. Dunno probably just haven’t updated site.

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