Classic Video: The Snagger, or Most People

Most of the videos we post probably have you thinking, “Man I wish I could do that!” Well, here’s a video that shows something that you certainly can—and probably do—do on a regular basis. Andy Abrams, from Idaho, puts his foibles out there for all to see. So let’s all take a moment to feel superior and pretend this kind of thing never happens to us.

25 thoughts on “Classic Video: The Snagger, or Most People”

  1. Happens the world over. I find it’s best when you can organize a car full of tourist to turn up to watch you, as you try to unhook a tree fish then fall over backward’s in the river, spooking any fish in the river for 10km!

  2. It is even funner if it was broadcast-ed live during the morning news and your line got snagged in a power line. You really don’t want to be that guy. True story.

  3. True, i’ve had worse… lost glasses or even broke my rod once when stumbling…. except that abovementioned powerline. Nice waters in Idaho though!

  4. The worst for me is when, after some effort, I manage to free a fly snagged in the river, only for it to shoot straight up into a branch above me. Has happened more than once, and is so deflating…

  5. And then there’s the day I snagged a rock right under my feet. I reach in to loosen the snag, facing upstream. I NEVER zip my sling pack because I go in it too often…After I get the hook out, I look downstream and a bunch of flies escaped as well as all of my Thingamabobbers (I don’t zip that package either!!)..

    1. Thanks Torben! I have lots of footage of me botching the graceful art of fly-fishing. This was not a difficult video to make.


  6. All I keep thinking is “Tenkara.” Longer rod, shorter line, cast to the sky, no snags. I can count the number of snags on a back cast on one hand since I stopped using a reel and a western rod. But I’m sure lots of people will have something negative to say about that because, you know, Tenkara.

  7. I remember spending two hours tying a beautiful Atlantic Salmon fly and snagging a tree on the opposite bank on the first cast.

  8. Have you noticed it’s never during the false casts, no matter how many you do, but the actual cast that snags.

  9. My heroes! I’ve known these and many other fine fishing moments. After so many, though, I don’t get nearly as agitated anymore. Comes with the turf.

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