Video: The Stone Sessions, Volume II

Here’s the second of a three-part series from Outside Bend Productions, focused on fishing the salmonfly hatch on Oregon’s Deschutes River. You can see part I in the May 24 Friday Fly-Fishing Film Festival. Here’s the description for this one:

Dry-fly fishing Oregon’s Deschutes River for its stunning native trout. Having high or unrealistic expectations when trying to time the stonefly hatches is often a recipe for disappointment. It seems that having modest or no expectations (except enjoying the pursuit), is a better way to approach it. And when that rare moment arrives…. well…you know the rest of the story.

When in prime condition and fat from gorging on salmonflies and golden stones, I believe Deschutes trout are amongst the hardest fighting trout anywhere. The majority of trout shown were fooled by the fantastic Chubby Chernobyl. . .


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