Video: The Story of Joe Humphreys, American Icon

Here’s a beautiful trailer for an upcoming film biography of the great Joe Humphreys, who has lived a unique fly fishing life for almost eight decades. Here’s how the filmmakers describe their project:

This documentary tries to keep up with Joe “Hump” for one year both on and off the stream as he inspires first-timers and professionals alike to better their fly fishing techniques in the splendor of nature. It’s a relatable and moving story of youthfulness in the heart of life’s progression, a film that explores the significance of family and community foundations and the idea that water can be a healing resource for anyone that steps in the stream. Even if you know nothing about fly fishing there’s something for everyone in this endearing documentary because for Joe, fly fishing is a lifeline. It’s not about the size of the fish that he catches. Whether big or small, each one holds a varied beauty. This is “Hump’s” guide to fly fishing and it’s proof that if you follow a dream for an entire lifetime it can come true. What drives Joe? Why does he love fly fishing? How does he continue to master the sport, and what importance does he see in passing it on? This is the Joe Humphreys’ story of “Live The Stream.”

For lots more information about humphreys, the project, and how you can help, visit the “Live the Stream” website.

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  1. If more fly fishers would embrace this mind set the future of our sport would be brighter as would the quality of our world. We need more teachers and unselfish people in the world of fly fishing.

    1. I would like to say I agree with you one hundred percent my grandfather was a professional fly fisherman and made bamboo flyrods he was one of joe’s friends as well as many other greats like lefty and lee wolfe he was the curator of the fly fishing museum when it was in Yellowstone and the pro they went to on a river runs threw it he wanted to teach and share his knowledge to everyone if he was on the river he wanted to help anyone if he seen they needed it it has become so expensive i have rods that are very expensive and i have rods that are not and i have caught just as many on my cheap one as my expensive ones knowledge is everything

  2. Well said Bob!
    Your statement couldn’t be more on point with Joe’s message in Live The Stream. We’ve been filming him for the past 9 months and since day one a few things have been clear. Not only is Joe Humphreys a tremendous fisherman but he’s also a man who selflessly gives his time to others, teaching far more than fly fishing skills to anyone who wants to listen. If more people shared Joe’s vision, fly fishing could be known as a conduit for healing and environmental change. In our film we show Joe working with kids, adults, students, and veterans (from Project Healing Waters), and each one of them has a greater appreciation for not only the fish they catch but also their time on the stream after working with Joe. Joe has so much to share with others and that’s what we’re trying to capture in Live the Stream. We want to produce something great for Joe and we want his story to inspire others. We’re still in production and hope the fly fishing community will give us the support we need to finish this film. Please donate, share, like and follow Live The Stream. Thank you! Big Thanks to Orvis for the great post!

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  3. I Love fly fishing! The very thought of standing in the water, surrounded in the glory and splendor of God’s natural beauty….. so calming. I am a novice at fly fishing but I love it so much.

  4. When my son Doug was in middle school he met Joe Humphreys at a TU youth camp in Pennsylvania. A couple years later Joe was the guess speaker at our TU chapter in Michigan. He recognized Doug and the next thing I know the two of them were wrestling around and Joe has Doug in a chicken wing. Joe was in his mid sixties. Joe has contributed a lot to our sport, but nothing more important than recognising the it’s future depends on bringing young people into it. There are a lot of really good flyfishers, but only one Joe Humphreys.

  5. I use to live right along the Bald Eagle creek in Milesburg. From my yard, I noticed a young man (college age) fishing and then saw a older man approach him and offered to give some tips. The young man was willing to be shown. The older fellow talked a little then I heard him say let me demonstrate what I mean. He did a cast and bang there was the trout. No second take needed for Joe Humphrey. It was something to witness. Dave

  6. Joe is not only one of the greatest fly fisherman in history but is a great teacher, mentor, and coach. His enthusiasm is contagious.

  7. So everything changes…
    Joe Humphreys decided to side with STOCKING over WILD trout on a recent Penns Creek meeting. He chimes in supporting Union County Sportsmen desire for an economic model OVER wild trout. You’d think someone with this much experience in fly fishing would be more of a naturalist and conservationist. Too bad.

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