Video: Three Generations of Fly Fishermen

Blog reader Bob Reece posted this beautiful video in the comments of last week’s F5. It’s a wonderful look at how a love of fly fishing is passed from generation to generation. Here’s how Bob describes it:

Here’s a video of three days with my dad, who taught me to fly fish and my 8 year old son who I’m teaching. . . .This video came from the last three days spent in North Park Colorado. My Dad was kind enough to teach me the art of fly fishing years ago, and I’ve now began to teach Quentin. It was a great three days for all three generations.

This is inspiring stuff.

7 thoughts on “Video: Three Generations of Fly Fishermen”

  1. Great stuff. We need to do everything we can to encourage youngsters in to the sport. I have just returned from taking my Daughter’s boyfriend for his first chalk stream experience. I am not the best fly fisherman or the best teacher(God help him) but I thoroughly enjoyed it & from the feedback he did & he is keen to go again very soon.
    The otter at the end of the video is remarkable, that close for that long! It almost looked to be enjoying the interaction. Great for the youngster to see & experience. Well done !

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