Video: Through the Guides Teaser

Here’s a cool teaser for an upcoming film project called Through the Guides, which “explores and illuminates the person behind the reel, accentuating their passion to pursue the lifestyle that defines them.” This clip features Alvin Dedeaux, of All Water Guides, talking about his life and fishing on some of the Texas waters he calls home.

4 thoughts on “Video: Through the Guides Teaser”

  1. What a cool video. I have known Alvin for years, and he is truly a first-class guy. And having fished with him on a number of occasions, I can confirm that he is VERY top-flight guide that will put you on fish, and be a great companion for the day (and evening…).

  2. One of the most fun people to fish with on the planet. Looking forward to getting back on the river with him and to seeing this film in it’s entirety.

  3. I can concur with Buster and Mike: Alvin is an awesome guide. He is a ninja, comedian, artist, musician, and friend all wrapped up in one. Plus, he has great taste in shirts….

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