Video: Tie a LaFontaine Deep Pupa with Tom Rosenbauer

Editor’s note: Since we didn’t have our normal Monday Facebook Live tying event today, here’s a classic from last spring!

In this great live tying event, Tom Rosenbauer teaches you how to tie a classic caddisfly-pupa imitation on Facebook Live. As Tom notes, LaFontaine’s patterns aren’t flashy or sexy; instead they’re designed to look buggy and natural. The recipe is below, so tie along with Tom!

LaFontaine Deep Pupa
2X-long nymph hook, sizes 12-16.
Weight: Nontoxic wire, .015 or .020.
Thread: Brown or tan, 6/0 or 8/0.
Shuck: Tan or brown Antron yarn.
Body: Tan, brown, or green dubbing.
Legs: Mallard, wood duck, partridge, or other speckled feather.
Head: Brown fur or ostrich herl.

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  1. May Leigh Perkins rest in peace. He was a great man who cared most about future generations enjoying the sports he loved most. When I become a little frustrated tying on a small fly with large hands or stumbling on a stone ,I realize at that moment where I am and why. Things really can’t get much better.

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