Video: How to Tie the Bird of Prey Caddis

Here’s a killer caddisfly pattern that can imitate both the pupa and emerger stages, and you can tie it in whatever colors match the naturals you’re trying to imitate. (An orange version might be the ticket in October.) The Bird of Prey Caddis seems to be the brainchild of fly tier Rick Anderson–of Fly Fishing Specialties in Citrus Heights, California–but even my advanced Googling skills turned up almost nothing on Mr. Anderson. (Thanks to reader Dennis Estrada for the info!)

As usual, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions shows you exactly how to tie this pattern, and he offers a few tips for making things easier. Tim’s material-handling skills are well-honed, and he always offers tricks for ensuring that you get just the right material in the right place with almost no waste. So twist up a few of these for your next trip out on the river, and let us know how you do.

Make sure watch Tim’s videos in full 4K resolution. You’ve never seen fly tying look so good.

          Bird of Prey Caddis
          Hook: 2X-short emerger hook (here, a Dai-Riki #125), sizes 14-18.
          Bead: Gold, 7/64-inch.
          Thread: Black, 8/0 or 70-denier.
          Rib: Pearl Flashabou, small.
          Tail: Natural Hungarian partridge.
          Body: Light hare’s mask.
          Hackle collar: Hungarian partridge.
          Thorax: Peacock herl.
          Adhesive: Head cement.
          Note: Tie this pattern in colors to match the naturals.

2 thoughts on “Video: How to Tie the Bird of Prey Caddis”

  1. The Bird of Prey was designed by Rick Anderson of Fly Fishing Specialties in Citrus Heights, California. The fly is distributed by the Montana Fly Company.

  2. Tough decision. All the photos are great. The trout fishing scenes remind me of my trips fishing out west. The saltwater pictures of the fishing I do here in Southern Florida, Nice job by all. Thanks

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