Video: How to Tie the Blingnobyl Ant

Every once in awhile, you run across a pattern that seems so outrageous and fun that’s it’s hard to imagine a fish eating it. But you know trout will hammer this thing during hopper-and-stonefly season. From the mind of Curtis Fry, a Utah-based fly tier, this pattern will make your fly boxes really sparkle and will impress your freinds.

          Blingnobyl Ant
          Hook: 3X-long dry-fly hook, sizes 6 and 12.
          Thread: Red UTC GSP, 100 denier.
          Underbody: Pearl Estaz Chenille.
          Body: Glitter Craft Foam.
          Adhesive: Superglue.
          Legs: Rainy’s Barred Rubber Legs.
          Indicator: White 2mm Craft Foam.

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