Video: How to Tie the Euro Early Black Stone

In this typically great fly-tying video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler ties a variation on an old favorite, the Early Black Stone. Although he’s had good luck with a standard pattern, this year he’s going to try a Euro version, tied on a jig hook with a black bead and a fluorescent-orange hotspot.

As usual, Tim’s tying demonstration is full of great tips and tricks that you can use on other patterns. I like the way he anchors the antennae beneath the bead and controls the round-rubber material throughout the process. The result is super slim, buggy, and will offer plenty of fish-attracting motion in the water.

          Euro Early Black Stone
          Hook: Black barbless jig hook (here, a Lightning Strike JF2), size 16.
          Bead: Black nickel slotted tungsten bead, 3/32-inch.
          Thread: Fluorescent orange, 8/0 or 70-denier.
          Antennae / tails: Black Centipede Legs, mini.
          Body: Black Stretch Round Rib, small.
          Hot spot: Tying thread.
          Adhesive: Head cement or Hard-As-Nails.
          Tools: Plunger-style hackle pliers, bodkin.

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