Video: How to Tie a Figure 8 Loop Knot

Orvis ambassador Conway Bowman hooks a lot of big fish–including mako sharks–when he guides off San Diego, so he needs super-reliable knots. In this video, he demonstrates how to tie his favorite loop knot. The figure-8 loop knot requires you to make a figure-8 in the standing line, and the you feed the tag end through both loops of the 8. A single half-hitch then locks everything into place. This is a great knot for heavier monofilament.

3 thoughts on “Video: How to Tie a Figure 8 Loop Knot”

  1. Sweet I like it! Could also be useful for tying wire leader loop knots. That figure eight skill is key in the slim beauty knot as well. Wonder what other applications there might be for it.

  2. Headn out after some makos in Auckland this weekend will give this a try. Thanks Conway Bowman appreciate tge tips

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