Video: How to Tie the Flying Squirrel Nymph

Remember the old commercial for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups featuring the tag line “Two great tastes that taste great together”? Well here’s a nymph pattern based on the same principle. Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions has created a mashup of two of his favorite nymphs–Cal Bird’s Bird’s Nest and Dave Whitlock’s Red Fox Squirrel-Hair Nymph–and the resulting fly is pretty darn buggy and fishy-looking.

In this great how-to video from, Tim demonstrates how to tie his combo pattern, which makes use of some specific dubbing. (Click the links in the recipe to find a source.) Aside from that, the tying process is fairly straightforward. If you need a little extra instruction on splitting the thread to make the dubbing noodle, check out yesterday’s “One-Minute Fly-Tying Tips and Techniques” video.

          Flying Squirrel Nymph
          Hook: 2X-long nymph hook (here, a Dai-Riki #730), sizes 12-18.
          Bead: Gold tungsten, 7/64-inch.
          Weight: Lead-free wire, .020.
          Thread: UTC Wood Duck, 70-denier.
          Rib: Gold wire, small.
          Tail: Wood duck flank feather.
          Abdomen: Red Squirrel Nymph-Abdomen dubbing.
          Legs: Wood duck flank feather.
          Thorax: Red Squirrel Nymph-Thorax dubbing.
          Head: Tying thread.

3 thoughts on “Video: How to Tie the Flying Squirrel Nymph”

  1. I love your videos.
    I’ve been tying flies for about 25 years now – but still refer your Orvis videos.
    I always learn a new little trick or technique or something.

  2. When Dave Whitlock introduced his RFSH nymph, I bought a whole squirrel skin! Still got plenty of material and nymphs! Of course, not with all that glittery stuff in it.

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