Video: How to Tie the Infinity Tippet Knot

Here’s a new video that was mentioned in the comments section yesterday, purporting to demonstrate an “obscure” knot. I will admit that I have never seen the very simple tying technique before, but the knot itself looks familiar. Is this different from a doubled figure-eight knot? Here’s the description of the video:

The Infinity Tippet Knot is a welcome alternative to the classic Blood Knot or Surgeon’s Knot. It is used to splice different sections of tippet/leader material together and works equally well with similar and varying tippet diameters. The Infinity Tippet Knot is simple, fast, strong, and reliable – a fantastic on-stream knot that is efficient and effective under the most difficult fishing conditions.

9 thoughts on “Video: How to Tie the Infinity Tippet Knot”

  1. This is the same figure 8 knot that is really popular and widely used in climbing circles. The technique is slightly different (thin diameter tippet vs. rope), but it’s the exact same knot.

    1. You beat me to it. It’s a follow-through figure 8 for tippet. I had never considered using for anything outside of rope but this knot does make up very quickly, much less hassle than a surgeon’s.

  2. And in the sailing/boating world, also a figure 8 knot which is a “stopper” knot and will not bind up.

  3. I saw the exact same knot tied on a Varavas hook video about four years ago . Even though the video was in Japanese, it was the same knot . I don’t have the link anymore but I know I got it from the “Limp Cobra” website .

  4. As Arborists we use the figure-8 as a safety stopper knot in the tail-end of a climbing line to prevent falls, and as a utility knot in other instances. I have used it in fishing applications in the past but not in tippet connection, a nice new tool in the kit, thanks.

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