Video: How to Tie the Infinity Tippet Knot II

Boy, the folks at Angling Knots are quick! On Monday we posted a video about a new-ish knot for attaching sections of monifilament with different diameters, and now there’s an animation for the knot. The demonstration was pretty clear, but I realize that some folks learn easier from these kinds of animated videos, so I figured I’d throw it up here.

Several commenters on Monday’s post noted that this knot is quite similar to the figure-eight knot that we used in my rock-climbing days, which was my first impression, as well. Has anyone tried this knot on the water yet? Some feedback would be great.

10 thoughts on “Video: How to Tie the Infinity Tippet Knot II”

  1. I wish they would do one on the “perfection slip knot” that you posted this week. It doesn’t work. Perfection loops don’t slip. I can’t tell from the video what he is doing differently.

    1. As I noted above, it is very sim. to the Seaguar knot- a knot developed to connect a fluoro tippet to a mono leader. Just add a couple more twists.

  2. Thinking of using it instead of the triple surgons for a nymph dropper set up.My reservation is it looks like the potential dropper leader is pointed downward instead of at a 90 degree angle.anyone have any thoughts

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