Video: How to Tie JC’s Electric Caddis Larva

We have previously featured a cool caddis-pupa pattern by New Jersey fly tier John Collins, and now he’s back with a larva imitation based on the same design. This is a great winter fly, although it will take trout all year long, as well.

In this great video by Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions, Tim walks you through the steps for creating this productive pattern. As usual, he’s got a few neat tricks up his sleeve to make the fly easier to tie. The way he secures the Antron yarn to help make a tapered underbody is cool, as is his his method for burning off the top hackle. As always, watch these videos in 4K for maximum effect.

          JC’s Electric Caddis Larva
          Hook: Scud hook (here, an Daiichi 1120), sizes 14-16.
          Thread: Fluorescent green, 8/0 or 70-denier.
          Tail: Fluorescent green Antron yarn.
          Body: Chartreuse Ultra Wire, size small, and Chartreuse Stretch
                    Tubing, size micro.
          Tail: Fluorescent green Antron yarn.
          Thorax/Legs: Brown ostrich herl.
          Thorax color: Brown permanent marker. 

          Adhesive: UV-cure resin.  
          Tools: Lighter, dental pick.

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