Video: How to Tie McKenna’s Rumble Bug

When you’re struggling to catch trout, sometimes you need to go deep and flashy. New Jersey-based tier Dave McKenna created the Rumble Bug to help a friend, and the fast-sinking nymph has proven its worth in competition and on the stream.

In this great video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler walks you through the steps to tie this great pattern. It’s remarkably simple, with just a few materials tied on sparsely.

          McKenna’s Rumble Bug
          Hook: Black nickel, barbless jig hook (here, an FM50 45), size 16.
          Bead: Silver slotted tungsten, 7/64-inch.
          Thread #1: Orange Glo-Brite fluorescent floss.
          Tail: Wood duck fibers.
          Thread #2: Purple Glo-Brite fluorescent floss.
          Flash: Single strand of Flashabou.
          Adhesive: UV-cure resin.
          Thorax: Rainbow Sow-Scud and Rainbow Senyo’s Fusion Dub, mixed.

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