Video: How to Tie the Micro Caddis Larva

Once again, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions has produced a video for fly tiers who shy away from creating tiny patterns. This caddisfly-larva imitation looks great and is sure to catch plenty of trout, but even better, it’s easy to tie. Once you get that minuscule bead on the hook, all you have to do is add the thread and some dubbing. There’s nothing fussy to frustrate clumsy fingers, and you’ll be able to crank these out a pretty good pace.

Make sure to watch Tim’s videos in full 4K resolution. You’ve never seen fly tying look so good.

          Micro Caddis Larva
          Hook: Scud/emerger hook (here a Dai-Riki #135), size 22.
          Bead: Black opaque glass bead, midge size.
          Thread: Black, 16/0 Veevus.
          Body:Light olive rabbit-fur dubbing.
          Note: Carry patterns tie in light rust, natural, and charrteuse.

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