Video: A Simple Way to Tie a Nail Knot

Even though it’s a great knot for creating a smooth transition from line to leader and it goes through the guides of a fly rod quite easily, the nail knot intimidates many anglers. Those who do use the nail knot often tie it with a tool specifically designed for that purpose.

But even if you don’t have a tool, there’s no reason to fear the nail knot. As this great video from Fly Fishing & Dreams shows, all you need is a bodkin or something similar and a modicum of patience. If you position the fly line and both ends of the leader correctly at the start, creating a clean, snug knot is a relatively simple affair.

9 thoughts on “Video: A Simple Way to Tie a Nail Knot”

  1. If you replace the bodkin with a needle used for inflating basketballs you have the perfect tool for tying the nail knot. There are two types of needle tools, plastic and metal. The metal is best since you have a straight tube to use. The end of the plastic will have to be cut so it has that straight tube effect.
    Once you have the tube you tie the knot as shown in the video and complete the knot by running the long tag end up the tube until it starts to move the tube out of the knot. From this point move slowly to keep the wraps aligned until the tag end clears the knot and slowly tighten the mono.
    You can buy these inflation needles at most sporting goods stores that sell basketballs and other inflated sporting goods.. If you tie more than one nail knot they are worth the small price you pay. If you are lucky they will come two to the package and you will have one for the vest and one for a back up.

  2. So you DO need a tool…a Bodkin needle no less, so that you can be sure to impale yourself in the process.

      1. I just go to the kitchen drawer and use whatever I can find. Today was a gold nail in a picture hanging kit, I prefer a 2″ finish nail they seem to work great.

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