Video: How to Tie the Pat’s Plus

In the latest great fly-tying video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler ties a variation of the venerated Pat’s Rubberlegs–created by guide Pat Bennett of Hyde Outfitters in Island Park, Idaho—which he has previously featured. The “plus” in the name here refers to the tungsten bead and the more-realistic thorax and wingcase. The result is a fly that has all the fish-attraction of the original, plus it’s a better imitation of the natural stoneflies.

As usual, Tim’s tying demonstration is full of great tips and tricks that you can use on other patterns. His methods for attaching round-rubber legs, creating a split-thread  dubbing noodle, and.trimming the fly to shape should help you make better-looking, more durable versions of many patterns.

          Pat’s Plus
          Hook: 4X-long streamer hook (here, a Dai-Riki #700), sizes 8 and 10.
          Bead: Black nickel tungsten bead, 5/32-inch.
          Adhesive #1: Fly Tyers Z-Ment.
          Weight: Lead-free round wire, .020.
          Thread: Black, 6/0 or 140-denier.
          Tails: Black round rubber legs, small.
          Body: Black/coffee variegated chenille, medium
          Legs: Black round rubber legs, small.
          Wingcase: Chocolate brown pheasant-tail fibers.
          Thorax: Dark brown Australian possum dubbing.
          Adhesive #2: UV-cure resin.
          Tools: Bodkin, dubbing brush.

3 thoughts on “Video: How to Tie the Pat’s Plus”

  1. I always appreciate Tim Flagler’s tying videos. Unquestionably they are far and away the best! Sometimes, however, they can be difficult to see and follow when the fly being tied blends into the background color — as in this “Pat’s Plus” video.

    Tim – a respectful suggestion . . . why not use a white or other light-colored plate for the background when videoing a dark-colored fly? I think it would make your terrific videos even better. And I know that would make them easier to see for my “old” eyes. Keep up the good work (and stay away from those squirminators)

    All the best!

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