Video: How to Tie a Simple Non-slip Loop Knot

Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions sometimes takes a little break from his fly-tying videos to focus on knot demonstrations. (He’s also done the 3-in-1 Uni Knot.) Here, he shows you how to tie a strong loop knot by using a mitten-scissor clamp. I think you can accomplish the same thing with a standard hemostat, but the mitten-scissor clamp makes things easier.

Loop knots are great for allowing your fly to have more realistic action in the water, but some of the knots are a pain to tie. Plus, if your loop is too big, the fly can foul during casting. The beauty of the loop knot that Tim shows here is that it’s super-easy to tie, and the resulting knot is quite small. Give it a try.

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