Video Tips: How to Fish Streamers Under an Indicator for Lethargic Trout

Dave and Amelia from Jensen Fly Fishing have released another episode in their video series “The Bank.” We’ve discussed dead-drifting streamers before, but here, Dave explains how he fishes a three-streamer rig under an indicator at those times when the trout aren’t willing to commit fully to a stripped streamer.

Here’s Dave Jensen’s description of the action:

We joined Aaron Feltham, manager at Calgary’s Bow River Troutfitters, for a day on the Bow River in mid-September. After two months of higher, murky water due to persistent summer storms, the river had cleared considerably and the incredible streamer fishing for larger rainbows and browns had tapered off in the bright sun. Hatches were almost non-existent. We had a choice of working small nymphs into likely riffles, pockets, troughs, and runs, or try an old tactic we pull out when trout short-strike or swing shyly at streamers: indi-streamers. The video takes a look at the set-up of a triple streamer/leech system under an indicator, as well as looking at the different times of year and in which water types it is most effectively fished.

The video is 16 and a half minutes long, but it’s full of useful information.

Check out the previous episodes in “The Bank” series:

10 thoughts on “Video Tips: How to Fish Streamers Under an Indicator for Lethargic Trout”

  1. This method is a killer in tailwaters too- particularly below reservoirs holding shiners or other minnow-sized fish that get flushed out with high flows.

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  3. I had a hard time following how you tied up the leader. Could you please provide some step by step figures on how to do this

  4. Hi, Phil, seems to be a problem:

    I’d like to cycle through all earlier 13 videos in “The Bank” series, but for episodes 1-8, and 10, clicking on the URL gives the message: “SORRY, this video does not exist”. The videos 9, 11, 12, and 13 are accessible.

    Can this be fixed? Thanks, Peter

    1. Hi Peter, I looks like the Jensens may have taken down those links. Perhaps they moved them from vimeo to YouTube. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the heads-up.


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