Classic Video: Toe to Toe with Trout

If you think that fly fishing is a difficult sport, check out this inspirational video about a woman named Marty Loudder–an associate dean and professor of accounting at Texas A&M–who decided to take up the sport despite some pretty obvious obstacles. In tandem with guide Chris Taylor, of Fisheads of the San Juan, Marty has figured out a way to have a blast on the water, continuing to p[erfect her casting technique and putting a few fish in the boat. She’s a remarkable person whose infectious enthusiasm will have you smiling by the end.

Marty and guide Chris Taylor celebrate another rainbow trout from the San Juan.

7 thoughts on “Classic Video: Toe to Toe with Trout”

  1. I so enjoyed seeing this. Marty and I were classmates in Amarillo. I admire her tenacity, love of life, and might I say grit. She is a remarkable woman. I love fishing and camping as well.

  2. When we were kids,sis could tie a bow on my shoe with her toes.Also pinch me with those toes and draw a blood blister, but then, that’s my SIS!

  3. Marty, I sent you a linkin message. Marty, you & I have so much in common. My name is Scott Baggett from Florida, I had polio at age 4 & it effected almost the same parts of my body. We thought for years my legs & left arm was ok, but my left leg has lost a lot of strength & I can no longer lift my left arm over my head. At 63 my body is almost like a 73 old. I have lost a lot of strength.
    My path has always been dogs, we raised hunting dogs growing up & sense 1994 I had 2 German Shepherds & today I have 2 Golden Retrievers. I have used my Golden Retrievers to visit kids in hospitals, courtrooms, schools, and today we do a lot of work at USF College Medical Library.

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