Video: Tom Introduces His New Book!

A new Tom Rosenbauer book about fly fishing is certainly something to celebrate, and the man himself has made a video introducing Fly Fishing For Trout – The Next Level. From his home office in Pawlet, Vermont, Tom talks about the idea behind the project, how he put it together, and what he hopes that anglers will take away from reading it. And wait until you see the innovative photo-illustrations Tom created to help readers understand what to expect on the water.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Tom Introduces His New Book!”

  1. Thank you, Tom, for your continuing contribution to this unbelievable obsession. I enjoy your podcasts and your previous tones. This is another chapter to a storied career. I look forward to the read. Hopefully, we will cross paths on the BK or elsewhere so I can give you my personal thanks.

  2. Tom, that was a great introduction and I look forward to reading your book and watching the videos! I’ve progressed from a rank beginner seven years ago and under your written and audio tutelage I now consider myself an advanced intermediate fly angler and looking forward to “the next level!” What about your book specifically addresses the process of learning more advanced techniques?

  3. I’m really happy for you and for Orvis on this! It was great to see your genuine, down to earth and inviting personality come through on your video intro and most of all hearing your why behind it all. Can’t wait to get a copy and hopefully have a celebration drink with you at OGR17:)

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