Video: Tom Introduces the New Orvis Recon Rod Series

When they were down in Orlando for the International Fly Tackle Dealer show last month, the folks from Trident Fly Fishing shot a short video of Tom Rosenbauer talking about the new series of rods called the Recon, which will be available in January 2015. What makes this rod special, and what kinds of anglers is it made for?

For the anglers who chase blue lines on topo maps and spend their nights bent over a GPS system, plotting the next day’s adventures. For those who yearn for riverside meals of granola bars and jerky, hastily consumed while watching for rising fish. For fishermen who would rather spend the day in a skiff than in an office. Performance that charges off the beaten path. Precision that gets the job done. Strength to last the day.For those on the hunt, Recon is ready to carry out the expedition.

The Recon is made in the U.S.A. at our Manchester, Vermont rod factory, and it features a shadow green blank with a black nickel reel seat, heavy-duty black nickel hardware, and silver snake and stripping guides.

Hatch Magazine has also featured the Recon on its website, featuring all the models and specs. Click here to see their article on the Recon.

The Recon rod series will be available in January 2015.

11 thoughts on “Video: Tom Introduces the New Orvis Recon Rod Series”

  1. I love that these are made in the USA, but really, does the world need another super-fast action graphite rod? I’d love to see you guys expand your glass offerings into 6 and 7 wts. I think there’s a lot of need out there for slower action rods and not just for small stream usage. my $.02

    1. I agree with joshua ! How about some 1 and 2 piece traditinal action rods made with modern lightweight graphite. How about 1 piece euro nymphing rods !!!

  2. Also echo the need for more slow action rods. Have tried many rods, but so far the best feel is your Superfine Touch Series. I have almost given up my Hydros Series that only hung around a few years and just won’t touch regardless of price your Helios or Helios II series.
    I would rather feel the rod load like an old fashioned bamboo one and place the fly accurately at short distance than heave it all over the place at long distances.
    A personnel plea for more Slow Action Rods – PLEASE!!!!!

    1. To quote the great political economist, Ty Webb, “This isn’t Russia. Is this Russia? This isn’t Russia. ” – you get the freedom to choose what you want to buy and use. I’m reading all these pleas and even complaints about the desire for more slow action rods. The reason Recon came out -and yes, they do tend to be on the fast side -is because most fly anglers are buying medium-fast to fast rods. Orvis is the one company that has always had a slow action series in their rod line up – the Superfines. (And of course Bamboo.). If your after a slower action rod, check out the Superfine Carbon and if your really like slooww and smooth, then look at the Superfine Glass. I wouldn’t complain about the Recon -it’s an amazing caster and will be a big hit among many anglers. But if it’s not your cup of tea, choose a different rod. So choose wisely my friend and enjoy your time on the water! Fly fishing is about fun.

  3. I love my 4wt Helios but I have to go with my Wiston Tom Morgan to slow down. Now I have a Helios 6wt – can not find a good slow 6wt 🙁

  4. I also echo the comment made above–i.e., let’s abandon the heavy emphasis on fast rods and revert back to moderately-fast rods. The young studs might like the fast rods that allow them to cast across the river, but I believe most anglers prefer the “feel” that slower rods afford them. I have two Hydros (moderate tip) rods that I love. I would like to complement those two with an additional one, but can’t find one anywhere (no one seems willing to give up their Hydros). I’m sure there was some marketing rationale for Orvis to discontinue the Hydros, but I would like to hear it.

  5. A Helios 5 weight rod coupled with a (brand X) reel has the best feel and most lightweight combo in anyone’s hands. I have my old 6 wt. glass rod and 3 other Orvis rods and I have been pleased with them all. I like the slower action and shorter length of the old Orvis 5 weight “Henry’s Fork” (now replaced by just the Superfine brand name) rod. I look forward to getting a RECON rod in my hands, and yes; because of the price.

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  8. Been swinging a recon 9ft 7wt since this spring. Gotta say I love it! Bought it mostly for fishing sea trout along the coast north of Gothenburg, Sweden, but have found myself using it alot at home aswell fishing for northern pike. Last year i was planning on getting a new rod for just that, fishing for sea trout in the spring, and was looking for a reasonably priced rod. Since I got about 350 km to the region where I fish for sea trout I don’t make as many trips as I’d like to. Anyways… Tried an Access rod last year but have to say I’m mighty glad I waited for the recon. Even though it costs a bit more I have to say it’s worth every penny! Simply love it!

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