Video: Top 5 Flies for August 2019

In this month’s “Top 5” video from Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver, Ivan Orsic and the legendary Landon Mayer fish the “Dream Stream” section of the South Platte and find some pretty trout. Then they sit on the tailgate of the truck and list Landon’s Top 5 flies for late summer. The fact that all the patterns are designed by Landon is no coincidence, of course, but his reputation as a fish-catching machine means that there’s a good chance these flies will put trout in the net.

1. & 2. Mayer’s Mini Leech (Black and Olive)

3. Mayer’s Tungsten Tube Midge (Black, size 18 and 20)

4. Mayer’s Tails Up Trico (Black, size 20)

5. Mayer’s Titan Tube Midge (red and copper, size 16)

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