Video: Top 5 Flies for Great Lakes Steelhead

Our friend Colin McKeown of The New Fly Fisher and his colleagues love fishing for Great Lakes steelhead, and they’ve caught plenty of chrome over the years. With so much experience comes a collection of preferred flies, and in this video Colin shares his five favorites:

1. White Death, sizes 8 and 10.

2. Muncher Nymph, sizes 8 and 10.

3. Steelhead Seducer Nymph, sizes 8 through 12.

4. Pink Nuke Egg, sizes 8 and 10.

5. Blood Dot, sizes 10 through 20.

So the next time you’re out after chrome, make sure you’ve got some of these on hand.

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        1. Nope, crystal meth is an imitation of sucker spawn, mostly tied in metallic green, peach, and even hot pink…

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